Land Tax Transcriptions

Payment of Tax is nothing new although the structure was much different from the direct taxation we pay today. Lists have survived showing amounts paid, names of owners and occupiers in Belper from 1780-1832 with payments only paid by the owners of land and property according to the size of their landholdings.

This tax was paid by the more prosperous sections of society, from Lords to Tradesmen, Dukes to Inn keepers.  A ‘Land Tax Act’ was passed each year by Parliament to set the rate (usually between two and four shillings in the pound) and administered by unpaid local commissioners. Those who collected were usually of modest means, such as farmers or tradesmen.

Click below to download a transcription of the Belper Land Tax Register for 1780 and 1830.

Excerpt from a 1701 map of Belper and Heage.
An excerpt from a hand drawn map of Belper & Heage from 1701.