Society artefacts.

Belper Historical Society has a collection of local artefacts, some of which have been rescued by members, others which have been donated to the society.

This page is a work in progress to show many of the artefacts in our collection.

If you have any further information on the following artefacts, please contact the Society. We would love to find out more about them.

Belper United Prize Band drum

A double sided bass drum. It has decorated sides in black and red with gold scrolls.

Belper United Prize Band were active before WW2.

Numeric Indicator

Handmade wooden box with wall mounting but no front.

It contains two wooden vertical shafts with 8 sided numbered black blocks. The numbers are hand painted  in white.

There are 6 indicators on the right hand shaft each separated by washers. The left hand shaft has one indicator.

A  label reads ‘Found in West Mill’.

China Moustache Cup

A white china moustache cup with handle. The transfer is a scene of ‘Bandstand and Fountain Belper River Gardens’. You can also see the Swiss Tea Rooms. A green band decorates the top with a gold flower design.

Thought to have been produced during the heyday of the River Gardens between 1906 and 1914.

Money box

A nickel plated money box with a handle, a slot for coins and a hole for bank notes in the end. ‘Belper Home Safe’ is written on a brass disc at the front.

The box is inscribed on the handle with the number 197. The base is secured by a key operated lock.


The Belper Savings Bank building still stands on Bridge Street but is now a private home.