Some Old belper Names

From the Mary Smedley Papers donated to the society shortly before her death in 2020.

Piggy Hill

This is the short path from Bridge Street to Cluster Road, so called because Ryde’s pork butchers shop was here on Bridge Street with a slaughter house behind. An early reference to this area calls it Glews Yard but for much of its existence it has been known as St. George’s Place.

Cow Hill

One of the oldest parts of Belper. It was a nail making area, re-named Hillside Rise in the 1960s.

The Gutter

Now the Short Street area; Marsh Lane and Top Common were marshy ground and were drained down into this area, which fed into the Coppice Brook.

Chapel  Hollow

This is now called St John’s Road. Topside of St John’s Chapel, which is the oldest building in Belper. It was dedicated to St. Thomas before the reformation

Chapel Hollow, now St John's Road
Chapel Hollow, now St John's Road

Field Head

Now part of Chesterfield Road, below Swinney Lane, it was the top of the Hutfall or town field.

Gorsey Hundred

This was the top part of Chesterfield Road. This area was noted for its notorious counterfeiting gang.

Edge Row

Now the lower part of Mill Street, this name (sometimes written as Hedge Row) was given to the houses built here as it was the edge of the Hutfall or town field

Jacob’s Ladder

This is a steep path and steps leading from Nottingham Road down to the Coppice Brook and recreation ground at the bottom of Mill Lane/Parkside. There used to be a well here called Jacob’s Well and was one of only two original well dressings in Belper prior to 1839.

Field Head Chapel
Field Head Chapel

Kiln Lane

This roadway passed by the cottages that now form the left side going down Parkside and led to the drying kiln for the grain that was ground at the mill at the bottom of the hill, powered by the Coppice Brook.

Lady Well

This was situated in the Parks, below the stile into Mill Lane; it was noted for its purity. It was capped and now is part of the water provision for Belper by the Water Board.

Top Common

Now Nottingham Road/Spencer Road/ Marsh Lane area this provided common grazing for cattle and sheep belonging to people in Belper.

The Chevin

Across the River Derwent on the western side of Belper this hill overlooks Belper. It is the first of the foothills of the Pennine Way. Before the enclosures it was an area of common land.

The Lady Well
Lady Well in Belper Parks